Text TalkerCommunications devices for quadriplegics continue to advance thanks to new Grid Sets available for Grid 3 software. Text Talker is not a typical text-to-speech keyboard. It features advanced augmentative and alternative (AAC) capabilities which promote natural and efficient text communication. Featuring patented chat history technology, Text Talker can remember everything an individual says and allows words to be spoken again when the user begins to type a keyword. Text Talker also allows users to easily switch between conversations, save and retrieve messages, utilize temporarily stored phrases and save message drafts.

Another popular feature of Text Talker is its message banking capability. This advanced augmentative and alternative (AAC) feature allows individuals with speech capability to capture their voice and recall it as needed. Text Talker also allows users to quickly speak pre-stored phrases without typing.

ASI’s mission is to incorporate quadriplegic assistive technologies designed to promote independence in all of the products we offer. Contact us today for a free trial of Text Talker.