In-House Development Makes All the Difference

autonomeOur products are powered by ASI’s proprietary autonoME software. This software was developed by our in-house software engineering department who geared it specifically towards improving the quality of life for individuals with debilitating diseases, spinal cord injuries, and other severe disabilities.

We stay one step ahead of the technology curve, providing you with the most advanced and progressive environmental control/speech generating software solution on the market today. We continuously add and implement new apps and features, which means you receive the latest and greatest software updates as soon as we release them.

We pride ourselves on helping you achieve maximum independence and quality of life where it matters most. autonoME software is customizable, features a user-friendly interface with vibrant colors, and comes with unlimited lifetime customer support.

Popular Features

  • Alternative and Augmentative Communication Option (AAC)

    Chat with word prediction and efficiently communicate with loved ones, physicians, therapists, and caregivers with quick reference messages and customizable speech rates.

  • Environmental Control Features

    Bed, television, fan, thermostat, lights, alert chime, door opener, and more.

  • Web Apps and Games

    Netflix, Zoom, Kindle and both classic and new games for everyone.

  • Various Input Methods

    Touch, voice, eye gaze, switch scanning, head mouse.

  • Cell Phone Integration

    Integrate your cell phone to easily make and receive calls, send and receive text messages, video chat, and more.

  • Remote Notify

    Quickly send text messages asking for assistance in the event of an emergency.


Additional Features

autonoME Residential

  • Automatic Door Opener Control
    Completely customizable automatic door opener experience that can be controlled with touch, voice, eye gaze, head tracking, or sip and puff.
  • Thermostat
    Control and adjust the temperature settings in your home.
  • Fans
    Turn fans on and off.
  • Ability Drive by Told Technologies*
    Easily transition from the autonoME software to Ability Drive by Tolt Technologies and control your wheelchair with eye gaze.
    *Ability Drive created and provided separately by Tolt Technologies

Additional Features

autonoME Hospital

  • Nurse Call
    Seamlessly integrates with any nurse call communication system.
  • Integrated Television
    Allows users to watch TV on the same device; control menu gives users access to their environmental control software without interrupting TV.
  • Delete User
    Special function for clinical environments that allows hospital staff to easily reset and prep the autonoME software for a new user.

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