autonoME Hospital Environmental Control

autonoME Hospital

The world’s first patient environmental control unit with a fully integrated TV experience and augmentative and alternative communication (AAC).

The All New autonoME Hospital

The autonoME Hospital is the world’s first patient environmental control unit with a fully integrated TV experience and augmentative and alternative communication (AAC).

Patients especially enjoy the visual and verbal feedback, single and dual switch scanning and direct selection features. The autonoME Hospital’s AAC capabilities allow the patient to communicate regardless of their limitations or disability.

Customizable Settings

Many of the settings are user adjustable, including scan speeds, dwell speeds, volume and self-calibration of eye gaze. Staff can make further customization within the admin panel to make the system more efficient for each patient depending on their particular needs.

New Construction

The wall mounted components can be installed in a recessed cavity or accessible cabinet. Routing the wires in-wall to the various components in the room makes for a clean appearance. 

Retrofit Construction

The autonoME can be installed in any hospital room to interface with the nurse call, telephone, bed and lighting. Includes an articulating arm to hold the PC and our autonoME command center with surface mounted cables to interface with the various components in the room. Nurses find this uncluttered system much more convenient for patient care.


Hospital Teguar Integrated TV
  • 22” all-in-one PC with integrated television 
  • Compact command center to seamlessly interface with room equipment
  • Proprietary autonoME software
  • Remote technical support for the life of the system


The autonoME features a microphone so it can be controlled with vocal commands.


Individuals with use of their hands can operate the autonoME using its capacitive touch screen.

Sip and Puff

The sip and puff switch operates using a straw which allows users to activate the ECU / SGD switch by sipping and puffing to move across and down the screen.

Eye Tracking

Equipped with Eye Gaze, the autonoME’s commands can be activated by the user’s eyes. A camera tracks the pupils to move the cursor up, down, left and right.

Head Tracking

This feature works much like Eye Gaze, tracking the movements of the user's head to control the curser.

See how the autonoME is helping Oklahoma's Children's Center
Watch the autonoME in action at the VA Medical Center in Memphis


Hospital bed, light, television, nurse call, telephone and more


Word documents, games, e-reader, music, email, Skype and web browser


AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication), preserve your own voice as synthetic speech with Acapela My-Own-Voice

Technology evolves quickly and through the years, our clients count on us to offer the most integrated and advanced ECU/SGD options on the market

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