Manny is at it Again! 3

You probably remember the story of Manny Galan, the young man who suddenly went into cardiac arrest at the age of 14 and suffered an anoxic brain injury.  Accessibility Services, Inc. was moved by Manny’s story and drive to complete high school in hopes of attending college. We donated an autonoME package consisting of an environmental control unit (ECU) and speech generating device (SGD) to help him pursue his dreams.

Manny is at it AgainManny’s mom, Millie, keeps us up to date on Manny’s progress.  He is mastering the autonoME, continuing his education and remaining active in the community.  Manny recently crafted a beautiful ceramic vase, which was on display at an art festival in Venice, Florida in early November.  Ceramics is part of Manny’s occupational therapy, and wow, what a masterpiece!

Manny is an example of someone who has not allowed tragic circumstances get in the way of living life to the fullest.  Manny is fortunate to have a wonderful support system, including his mom, Millie.  We look forward to continuing to follow Manny’s journey.  Who knows, he may just discover some new ways the autonoME can be used to help improve the lives of quadriplegics.

Way to go, Manny. We are very proud of you!