Specialized devices allowing individuals with various types of mobility issues the ability to control different elements in their environment, including televisions, lights, fans, computers, automatic door openers, appliances, and more.

A type of voice assistive technology that allows individuals with speech impairments the ability to communicate using an electronic form of speech.

A general method of communication for individuals affected by speech impairments.  AAC is designed to supplement and/or replace speech or writing, allowing individuals to effectively communicate with others.

Any technology used within a healthcare environment (i.e., hospital, rehab facility, etc.) that can be easily adapted and shifted for use at home or another residential setting.

A type of assistive technology that allows individuals who do not have the use of their hands to control a device such as an ECU or wheelchair by sipping/inhaling and puffing/exhaling into a straw, tube or wand.

An assistive technology device designed to accommodate two different types of input methods: a microphone for voice input and a tube for sip & puff scanning and selection.

Allows individuals with spinal cord injuries, progressive diseases, and severe physical disabilities to open and close doors. Accommodates numerous access methods including ASI’s proprietary z-Wave, spec switch, proximity switch, push plate for multiple users, phone app, handheld remote, optional keypad and more.

An advanced, proprietary technology that utilizes wireless, low-energy radio waves to allow users to control and monitor various types of devices, appliances, and other components in their home via a single interface or app.

A trained professional / clinician who diagnoses and treats various type of disorders that affect speech, language, swallowing, cognitive communication, or social communication.

A trained professional who specializes in helping individuals with various types of disabilities, injuries, and illnesses learn how to perform activities of daily living.

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