An Inspiring Note from Margarita Chapman

As a follow-up to a previous story about Eric and Margarita Chapman, we wanted to share this note from Margarita:

“Within 30 minutes of the ALS diagnosis, Eric turned to me as we sat in the car –stunned, numb, devastated and scared  – and said in a clear, firm voice, “don’t cry, I am Blessed to have ALS.” I snapped my head to face him and my first impulse was to punch him through my tears but, I embraced him instead.

Today, 4 1/2 years later, I understand his words completely. We are Blessed for we have learned both life shattering and life encouraging lessons.

We are in the middle of a battle between God and the devil, ALS being that torturous devil always manipulating and taking, taking, taking. Then, there is God who continues to shine His light of love and gives, gives, gives blessings of friends, of finance, of lessons, of willpower and wisdom, and, most importantly unconditional love.

Through all the bad days  – and believe me we have had many – Eric and I only focus on the great moments and this makes us happy.

Eric’s motto is simple yet powerful, an affirmation of strength:

Live with Hope;

Awake in Faith

…and Always…

…Believe in Miracles.

Thank You for the support!

autonoME Residential Installation
autonoME Residential Installation

Pictured:  Eric Chapman, Margarita Chapman