The All New autonoME Residential

Our goal is to find ways to help each and every client achieve maximum independence. The autonoME Residential is considered one of the most advanced products available for individuals with severe disabilities from the most respected company in the industry. It includes a system of components including but not limited to tablet, mounting, input device and our installation. We’ve been installing autonoME systems in client homes with great success since 2011.

More and more autonoME units are being used in hospitals. Some clients are already familiar with them when they arrive home. This is referred to as: “Transitional Technology”. Whether or not you have had previous experience with this equipment, the autonoME Residential package is easy to use and gives you the ability to control your:

Bed | Phone | Lights | Doors | Thermostats | TV | Computer | and More!

Featuring the AT-12:

Featuring the AT-12
  • Microsoft® Surface Pro with integrated infrared and z-wave controllers
  • Proprietary autonoME software for environmental control and computer access
  • Text-to-speech augmentative and alternative communication (AAC)
  • Input methods include voice, eye control, switch scanning, head mouse, touch and sip and puff
  • Email, YouTube, Facebook and Eyegaze computer control

What’s Included

  • autonoME Tablet with 12" display

  • Integrated infrared and z-wave controllers

  • Configuration for different access methods (voice, switch, eye, touch, mouse)

  • The Dual (Microphone and Sip & Puff)

  • Floor Stand

  • Alert Chime

  • Z-wave appliance modules (3) to control lamps, fans or portable heaters

  • Two (2) year limited warranty

Command Center

Our compact command center includes an interface for alert chime plus additional device interface such as bed control cable for electric hospital beds, transmitters for automatic door openers, motorized blinds/shades and more.

Tech Support

Get unlimited phone and remote log-in technical support to help with questions or troubleshooting.

Professional Installation

You’ll get one of our trained technicians come to your home to install and configure your new autonoME – including programming your TV, cable/satellite box, DVD and streaming device. Mounting of all hardware included.

Bed Brands

We’ve implemented the autonoME with these bed brands. Have another brand of bed? No problem. We will work to find a solution that allows you to experience all of the benefits and independence the autonoME offers.

  • Stryker
  • Hill Rom
  • Invacare
  • Ummano
  • Joerns
  • Versa Care
  • Sizewise
  • Span America
  • Centrella
  • Basic American


Hospital bed, light, television, alert chime, telephone and more



YouTube, Web Browser, Games, Notes



AAC for non-verbal patients: chat keyboard w/ word prediction, pre-stored messages and Pain Chart

The autonoME was designed to accommodate a multitude of accessories, making the product fully customizable to your needs

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