Security for Everyone

RemoteLock integration gives autonoME users peace of mind and security at home. Our partnership with RemoteLock allows users to control door locks using:

  • Switch scan
  • Voice
  • Eye Gaze
  • Head Mouse
  • Sip & Puff
  • Touch

Users can assign specific access codes to visitors, friends, caregivers, and family members. In addition to autonoME integration, RemoteLock works with the RemoteLock Mobile App, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home.

Easy to Upgrade and Integrate

RemoteLock integration can be included in any autonoME residential package or added as an upgrade to an existing system. We can easily add this feature for current autonoME users.

RemoteLock can integrate with most existing smart locks. Or, we can install the trusted Yale YRD 226 lock for you. We chose the Yale lock because it is reliable and responds in real time. Other locks can have a delay of up to 45 seconds.

MobileKey for RemoteLock App

Make it easy for friends, family, caregivers, and therapists to visit. Set up personal access codes/pins to enable them to control your smart lock via their mobile device using the MobileKey for RemoteLock App that can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

Personal Access Codes/Pins

A personal access code/pin can also be programmed directly on the lock itself.

Assign and activate personal access codes/pins for designated visitors. This feature gives autonoME users complete control over who has access to their space as access codes/pins can be enabled and disabled as the autonoME user sees fit.

Why RemoteLock?

The ASI technology team is very particular about what companies we partner with and which products we choose to integrate with the autonoME. After extensive research, RemoteLock was hand selected by our software engineers for autonoME integration because we found that it offers the most comprehensive options, allowing users to experience optimal freedom and independence. RemoteLock not only has working relationships with some of the world’s largest lock manufacturers, but they also partner with numerous long term care facilities and are very familiar with the unique needs of our end users.

Additionally, RemoteLock offers EdgeState, a smart lock cloud platform that allows us to see if a device is offline for some reason. We can then reach out to the user to make sure everything is alright.

ASI technicians have been thoroughly trained on installation and software set-up and users can count on ongoing support from our technology team.

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“Combining ASI’s expertise in accessibility with RemoteLock gave us the ability to extend door lock access and control to our end users; RemoteLock provides the door lock and unlocking interface while we provide the accessibility layer to make the impossible possible for our end users.” – Michael Lawrence, ASI Principal Engineer

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