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Bed Mount
Bed MountTraditional Mounting Systems
Can Be Mounted on Most Hospital Beds
Can Be Adjusted to Any Position Relative to Patient
Does Not Take Up Floor Space
No Exposed Cables
Easy to Move Tablet from Bed to Wheelchair
Adjustment Levers for Easy Position Changes
Maintains Position to the User With Change of Bed Position
Integrated Cell Phone Mount

“We’re all very happy with the autonoME Bed Mount. When I was using the floor mount, the stand would often get kicked out of position and it was difficult for my caregivers or anyone else who came close to the bed to navigate. I’m much happier now that I have the autonoME Bed Mount. The fact that the mount moves with the bed is a game changer. The modifications made to the positioning of my device are instrumental in making the whole system work. I love it. My caregivers love it. Also, Shane is great to work with, he’s good and patient. Thank you very much for everything!”

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