What exactly is autonoME?

autonoME is the name of the proprietary, fully integrated environmental control and speech /voice generation software that powers all of our devices. The residential unit is called the autonoME Residential.  The 22’ wall-mounted hospital unit is called autonoME Hospital. The portable 15” hospital/care facility unit is called the autonoMEgo.

Is the autonoME system single page based, motor planning based, or a hybrid?

The autonoME is a hybrid of the best single-page options coupled with some motor planning.

Does the autonoME support dwell time?

Yes. Dwell time is supported with the utilization of eyegaze or a head mouse and can be adjusted in the Settings application according to everyone’s preferences.

What form of selection is the sip and puff feature?

Sip and puff is an indirect selection in the form of “scanning” to make selections in the software.

Is the autonoME equipped with logical prediction?

Yes. The autonoME is equipped with word prediction that develops as a person utilizes it. This feature is found in the “Chat” section of the autonoME, as well as any other apps where Users may be typing to make notes or communicate.

Are infrared and radio-based control available?

Yes. The autonoME utilizes infrared for numerous functions such as television control (set, cable box, ROKU, DVD player, etc.), bed control, and various other electronics. Radio-based control works with light switches, automatic door openers, and appliance modules.

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