Jobs for Quadriplegics – Customer Service

We have been highlighting various types of jobs for quadriplegics. This month, we will take a look at customer service careers.

Customer services jobs provide excellent employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. In fact, quadriplegic assistive technologies including environmental control unit (ECU) devices and a speech generating device have made it possible for persons with quadriplegia to do more than ever before! The autonoME is an integrated, custom environmental unit and speech generating device that can be personalized to each individual.

On-Site Customer Service Jobs for Quadriplegics
ECU devices have made it possible for persons with quadriplegia to become gainfully employed as on-site customer service representatives. In cases where speech is a challenge, a speech generated device can be added for augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). Some businesses have a customer service desk where employees answer questions and resolve issues. Others have customer service representatives on the “floor” who can be called upon to answer questions at any time.

Telephone/Virtual Customer Services Jobs for Quadriplegics
ECU devices and/or a speech generating device can help persons with quadriplegia perform the duties of a telephone and/or virtual customer service representative. There are many of these jobs available that can be performed in the comfort of your own home with a telephone line, computer and Internet connection. Quadriplegic assistive technologies including a custom environmental control unit and speech generated device can be implemented to make using a telephone and computer possible.

While the requirements vary for different businesses, the basic requirements for customer service jobs include a general knowledge about the company’s products and/or services, ability to communicate with customers, willingness to resolve customer complaints and a positive, welcoming attitude. Equipped with ECU devices and/or a speech generating device, persons with quadriplegia can excel in customer service careers!