What Can an ECU Do for YouEnvironmental control units (ECU), including hospital ECU devices, are designed to give individuals with disabilities, including quadriplegics, freedom to control their surroundings. Custom environmental control units are specially designed to meet the needs of each individual. Both hospital ECU devices and residential ECU devices provide a plethora of benefits for both users and caregivers alike.  Let’s take a closer look at some of the features of residential and hospital ECU devices:

  • Nurse / caregiver call button
  • Room control – lights, television, bed, etc.
  • Basic telephone functions
  • Windows-based computer access
  • Internet access
  • Entertainment, including online books and games
  • Photos and selfies

If speech generation is also needed, the autonoME is an integrated environmental control unit and speech generating device for augmentative and alternative communication (AAC).  It can be customized with input devices to accommodate different levels of disability:

  • Voice – a directional microphone for flexibility and convenience
  • Touch – Capacitive touch screen and stylus pen
  • Switch Scanning – Single and dual switch sip and puff; ability to move down and across screen
  • Eye Tracking – move curser by staring into the camera and using your eyes
  • Head Tracking – move curser by moving your head up, down, left or right

Accessibility Services, Inc. (ASI) understands everyone’s needs are different, which is why we customize our residential and hospital ECU devices and autonoME packages to accommodate specific needs. In fact, the autonoME is becoming one of the most popular speech generating and hospital ECU devices on the market today.  We have installed units in several Veteran’s Administration hospital and private hospitals throughout the country, including a children’s specialty hospital.

Contact ASI to learn more about how our ECU devices and autonoME package can help you or a loved one become more independent.