Accessibility Services, Inc. Awarded New Contract to Equip VA Hospitals with the autonoME Environmental Control/Speech Generation Package

Accessibility Services, Inc. (ASI) in Homosassa, Florida announced that they have been awarded a new Veterans Administration (VA) contract to equip spinal cord injury units with their signature autonoME environmental control unit (ECU) / speech generating device (SGD) package. The autonoME – specifically designed for quadriplegics and individuals with debilitating diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) – allows individuals to completely control their environment (i.e. turn on fan/lights, control their bed, television and telephone, call a nurse or caregiver, open a door, use a computer, etc.) as well as generate speech.

The company has already installed hundreds of units in VA hospitals on a previous contract, including sites in Memphis, Houston, Cleveland, Dallas, Long Beach, San Antonio and Boston, among others.  ASI recently learned they have been awarded a new contract, allowing them to install and service the autonoME package in additional VA spinal cord injury units across the country. ASI also customizes and installs the autonoME in the homes of veterans with qualifying service-related disabilities.

“Our founder, Fred Thomson, founded ASI back in 1989 with a mission to help veterans,” explains Brice Green, Product and Sales Manager for ASI. “I myself am a veteran, and we employ many veterans.  What make us different is that we are continually conducting research and development to ensure we are delivering the latest technology. We also customize, install and support each autonoME package.  We spend time making sure the therapists, nurses, caregivers and patients understand how to use all of the features and are available to answer any questions and provide technical support after the installation is complete.  When someone calls us for support, they actually get one of our technicians, not a call center.”

According to Green, seeing people experience independence as a result of the autonoME is the most rewarding part of each day.

“We are touched by the stories and struggles of the brave people we meet,” says Green. “seeing a person’s face light up when we install the autonoME and knowing that we are making a difference in the lives of so many is the reason why we are in this business.”

ASI will proceed with installing the autonoME at specified VA hospitals throughout 2017.  The company also serves individuals living at home, rehabilitation facilities, and public and private hospital systems. Watch this 1.5 minute video to see how the autonoME is helping one veteran maintain his independence.

About Accessibility Services, Inc.
Accessibility Services, Inc. (ASI) is a leading provider of environmental control units (ECU’s) designed specifically for individuals with severe disabilities and spinal cord injuries. Founded in 1989 with a primary vision to help veterans, the company has since expanded its mission to address the needs of all severely disabled individuals with a special focus on the unique and exceptional needs of the quadriplegic community. ASI designs, customizes, installs and services ECU’s which enable clients to control their entire surroundings and environment, thus significantly increasing independence and improving quality of life. ASI’s proprietary autonoME unit has become one of the most popular hospital and residential devices on the market. Founder Fred Thompson’s philosophy, “we start with the customer and work backwards” has inspired ASI’s research and development engineers to stay one step ahead of technology, ensuring the company delivers the most advanced and progressive ECU solutions available.