autonoME Residential Installation

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a devastating, progressive neurogenerative disease that impairs the brain’s ability to control muscle movement.  ALS leads to complete paralysis, which is why people affected by the disease become quadriplegics.  ALS is devastating for both the person with the disease as well as their family and friends.

However, some promising new research released earlier this month hints that a natural occurring molecule may possibly slow the progression of ALS.  The discovery by the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute offers new hope in the battle to fight ALS. Read the article from News Medical Life Sciences to learn more.

Accessibility Services, Inc. (ASI) serves numerous individuals with ALS. You may remember the story of Michael Kelly, the United States Army veteran diagnosed with the disease.  Michael discovered a new sense of independence thanks to the autonoME.  Eric Chapman is another client with ALS who experiences independence as the result of the Grid Pad environmental control unit (ECU) we donated and installed for him.

There is nothing we would like more than to see ALS cured.  However, until a cure is found, ASI will be readily available to work with clients to identify the best augmentative assistive communications (AAC), ECU and speech generating device (SGD) solutions to help them achieve independence despite this devastating disease.

A friendly reminder – The Veteran’s Administration (VA) considers ALS a service-related disability.  If you are a veteran with ALS, contact ASI today.  The VA may fully subsidize your autonoME.