Suddenly a Quadriplegic

We were moved by a story of a husband, father and business executive in Australia.  It seemed Darren Houghton lived a quiet, normal, everyday life until one day, tragedy suddenly struck.  Darren fell off a balcony in his home, breaking his neck and crushing his spinal cord.  The accident left him a C4 incomplete quadriplegic, which meant complete paralysis of his right arm and limited use of his legs and left arm. Life had suddenly changed…

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A spinal cord injury can make healthy, able bodied people become quadriplegics. A spinal cord injury is not only physically devastating, but emotionally devastating for the quadriplegic and his/her friends and family as the loss of independence quickly takes a toll on everyone.  Accessibility Services, Inc. (ASI) has spent decades on researching the most effective and innovative environmental control units designed to not only restore independence for quadriplegics, but also provide peace of mind to their loved ones as well.

When we visit someone with a spinal cord injury or debilitating disease, the first thing we do is assess their situation. Quadriplegics are all unique and have different needs, which is why a one size fits all approach is generally not effective or advisable.  ASI customizes our environmental control units to fit each person.  We also trust the reliability of Grid 3 software to ensure our environmental control units operate at peak performance.

If you or someone you love is a quadriplegic as a result of a spinal cord injury or debilitating disease, give us a call.  We can work with you to customize an environmental control unit powered by Grid 3 software to help you achieve independence!