quadriplegic assistive technology

When it comes to disabilities, a common question often asked is what is the difference between a quadriplegic and paraplegic?  Here is a summary of the main differences:


A paraplegic has sustained a spinal cord injury in the lower back (within the T1-L5 sections of the spine).  Paraplegics experience some form of paralysis in the lower part of the body which can range from minor mobility problems to being completely paralyzed from the waist down.  Paraplegics do have full use of their arms.


Quadriplegics have sustained a spinal cord injury in the neck or upper back within the C1-C8 cervical section which is located above the first thoracic vertebra in the spine.  Quadriplegics have paralysis in the arms and legs.  The extent of the paralysis varies depending on the type and severity of injury.  Rehabilitation including occupational and physical therapy can have a positive effect on the degree of paralysis.   Adaptive equipment for quadriplegics and quadriplegic assistive technologies such as a speech generating device and custom environmental control unit for disabled individuals have advanced significantly through the years and offer quadriplegics the ability to communicate and perform everyday tasks such as turning on the light or changing channels on the television.

The autonoME – developed by Accessibility Services, Inc. – is a both a speech generating device and custom environmental control unit designed for individuals with spinal cord injuries or debilitating diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and multiple sclerosis (MS).  What makes the autonoME such an effective assistive technology for quadriplegics is its ability to help an individual communicate and achieve independence.  If you are in the process of researching environmental control units for disabled individuals, adaptive equipment for quadriplegics, or various assistive technologies for quadriplegics, give us a call.  Our Product Reps are happy to answer your questions and demonstrate how the autonoME can transform the life of you and your loved one.