Phonics for All Now available in Grid 3

Accessibility Services, Inc. recently made history by installing the autonoMe (environmental control unit/speech generating device) in the Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare in St. Paul, Minnesota.  The autonoME’s – used for both environmental control and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) – were the first devices of their kind installed in a pediatric hospital in the state of Minnesota.

Phonics for AllWe are often asked if the autonoME is designed for children.  The answer is – YES! The autonoME is ideal for quadriplegics of all ages, including children. It is equipped with Grid 3 software, which includes a variety of tools and grid set designed specifically for children.

One new grid set is called, Phonics for All.   This innovative addition to Grid 3 features reading and spelling grid sets designed to support users of AAC who are in the process of learning to read and write.  It teaches key sounds in the English language, enabling users to sound out words.  This grid set is backed by research and designed to encourage independent learning. Key features of Phonics for All include:

  • A complete AAC tool supporting learners on their way to using synthetic phonics
  • Simple structure that complements other phonics programs
  • Assesses learning needs and progress
  • Built specifically to support all methods of access
  • Includes comprehension, so users with complex needs can begin to read for meaning alongside acquisition of phonic knowledge

If you have a child who needs an autonoME, contact us today.  We are happy to talk with you about the environmental control and AAC features available to help both you and your child.