Adaptive Controller

When it comes to adaptive equipment for quadriplegics, gaming controllers are generally not in the mix – until now.  Microsoft has just introduced a new adaptive Xbox controller and its features and capabilities are amazing!

Lack of adaptive equipment for quadriplegics in the gaming world has made it difficult for individuals with spinal cord injuries and debilitating diseases to enjoy a full gaming experience.  While a custom environmental control unit can be equipped to play certain games, most controllers for serious gaming require two-hand operation and dexterous fingers.  This, of course, poses a challenge for many individuals with physical disabilities, particularly quadriplegics.

Now, the game has changed…literally!  Inspired by the Xbox Elite, a controller that was introduced in 2015 and considered somewhat accessible, the new adaptive Xbox controller is customizable to accommodate the specific needs and desires of each individual.  It’s has some impressive features and add-ons, including:

  • Assistive switches
  • Joysticks
  • Ability to attach to different mounting systems
  • Ability to remap buttons
  • Pair with a second controller
  • …and more

Accessibility Services, Inc. is excited about this new option for gamers.  This is especially good news for individuals with progressive diseases. Instead of giving up gaming as their disease progresses, they now have ability to customize and add features and options as the need arises. Our guess is that this revolutionary technology is just the tip of the iceberg.  We look forward to seeing what new features are added as technology continues to advance.

Have you tried the new adaptive Xbox gaming controller?  If so, let us know what you think.

Watch this video to learn more.