Look to Learn

Are you either preparing for or getting stared with eye gaze?  If so, Look to Learn software is a must!  If you are using an autonoME speech generating device/ECU in hospital or home, Look to Learn software offers an excellent platform to help you master and fine tune eye gaze access. Let’s take a closer look at some of its most prominent features:

  • More than 40 activities designed to help users learn and practice eye gaze.
  • Explore – Look to Learn encourages the user to utilize the entire screen
  • Target – Improves eye gaze accuracy
  • Control – Helps the user fine tune and better control eye gaze access
  • Developed with the input of teachers and therapists, Look to Learn Scenes and Sounds features 26 activities designed to help teach valuable skills.

Best of all, Look to Learn software is customizable to you.  Look to Learn software allows you to load your own images and videos for use with the activities.  It is the perfect addition to any eye gaze equipped ECU in hospital or residential settings.