Jobs for Quadriplegics

We have been taking time to highlight various jobs for quadriplegics. This months featured job is teacher/instructor. Probably one of the most famous instructors who was a quadriplegic was Stephen Hawking. Diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) at the age of 21, Hawking never let ALS define him. Not only did he become an esteemed and prolific professor, but his scientific research opened doors to new horizons. As his ALS progressed, he used a speech generating device to communicate. Advances in adaptive equipment for quadriplegics helped him continue to write, lecture and teach until his death earlier this year.

Customized environmental control units for disabled individuals are crucial for independence. They allow individuals with disabilities to perform tasks such as turning on the lights, controlling the television, using a computer and accessing the Internet. Advances in environmental control units have afforded quadriplegics the opportunity to enjoy independence and work in the teaching field. And, like Stephen Hawking, even when speech is affected, a speech generating device can be introduced for communication. The automoME, for example, is an integrated speech generating device/environmental control unit for disabled individuals who desire both features in one convenient package.

Teaching is one of those jobs for quadriplegics that can take on many forms, including primary, secondary and collegiate education. Some people even develop curriculums in their area(s) of expertise and offer instructional classes and seminars online or in conjunction with organizations in the community. If teaching is your passion, the sky’s the limit!

Are you a teacher or instructor living with a spinal cord injury or debilitating disease? If so, we would love to hear your story!