ecu control unit

Environmental control units (ECU) have transformed the lives of quadriplegics by giving them independence and the ability to control much of their surroundings.    ECU units in hospital settings have gained popularity over the years. Accessibility Services, Inc. is proud to be considered a leader in the hospital ECU field.  We have installed our autonoME – which is an integrated ECU and speech generating device – in numerous spinal cord injury units throughout the country.  Let’s take a look at some benefits of ECU control units in hospital settings.

Environmental Control

One of the primary reasons to install hospital ECU units is for its environmental control features.  ECU hospital features include the ability to adjust the bed, turn on the lights and control the television.  Empowering individuals with spinal cord injuries with a hospital ECU not only promotes independence for patients, but also frees up staff time as well.

Nurse Call Button

Traditional call buttons can be difficult to access.  A hospital ECU is equipped with an easily accessible nurse call button.

Customizable for Different Patients

Each patient has their own set of unique needs. Patients may require different input methods to operate the ECU. Hospital staff can easily customize the autonoME so patients with differing levels of spinal cord injury can easily operate the ECU.

Familiarize Patients with an ECU

ECU control units in hospitals play an important quality of life role.  Patients with spinal cord injuries benefit from using a hospital ECU while in the spinal cord injury unit.  At the same time, they learn how the ECU works so they can continue to maintain their independence when they return home.

What makes what we do so rewarding is seeing how our ECU hospital solutions have helped so many quadriplegics achieve independence!  Were you introduced to the autonoME  or hospital ECU while recovering in a spinal cord injury unit?  If so, we would love for you to share your story!