Accessibility Services, Inc. prides ourselves on keeping up with the latest research and technology affecting quadriplegics. Knowing what breakthroughs could be on the horizon helps us prepare for possible new customization options for our autonoME environmental control unit (ECU)/speech generating device (SGD) package.

2017 started with some promising news for quadriplegics.  According to WPVI ABC-6 in Los Angeles, a new experimental device is helping some individuals with spinal cord injuries perform simple tasks like putting on socks, holding a cup, etc.  Dr. Daniel Lu at UCLA is the lead researcher on the study.  The National Institutes of Health is also involved.  The study consists of a complex device (32 electrodes) that shows the brain how to finds ways around spinal cord damage.  The report indicates that people receiving the new stimulator have regained some movement, including the ability to type and dial a telephone.

The autonoME can be customized with sip and puff, eye gaze, head tracking and other accessibility options.  This new research indicates that one day, it may be possible for quadriplegics to operate the autonoME without needing these accommodations, opening up the possibility of being able to add additional features for individuals using these types of stimulation devices.

Are you or do you know a quadriplegic who is involved with a research study?  If so, we would like to hear from you.  Please contact us.