Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a progressive disease that causes damage and eventually death of the nerve cells that control muscles and movement.  This incurable disease has remained somewhat of a mystery over the years. There is no one test that can definitively diagnose ALS, and the disease has very limited treatment options.

However, in an article published in Medical News Today, scientists may have identified significant differences in the cells and neurons present the spine of healthy individuals and individuals with ALS.  The study concluded that “people who had died from focal-onset ALS had different types of motor neurons, compared with healthy individuals.”  Scientists hope this breakthrough will lead to new treatments that slow the progression of the disease.

While there is still no definitive cause and few effective treatment options to enhance quality of life and life expectancy, the autonoME does offer some independence and hope for individuals with ALS and their friends and family.  The autonoME not only allows a person with ALS and other debilitating diseases and conditions to control their environment, but it is also an effective ALS communication device.  Environmental control units (ECU units) and ALS communication assistive technology have made significant strides over the years with the autonoME leading the way. Accessibility Services, Inc. developed the autonoME for individuals with spinal cord injuries and debilitating diseases.  In addition to ALS, the autonoME is a leader when it comes to environmental control units for disabled individuals AND communication devices for quadriplegics and individuals with debilitating diseases. Interested in learning more? Give us a call today.