quadriplegic assistive technology

Adaptive equipment for quadriplegics has come a long way over the years.  Today, quadriplegic assistive technologies including speech generating devices and environmental control units for disabled individuals have transformed the lives of people living with quadriplegia and their caregivers.  Let’s look at some ways adaptive equipment for quadriplegics continues to improve quality of life for thousands of people affected both directly and indirectly by quadriplegia:


Environmental control units for disabled individuals are one type of quadriplegic assistive technology that has been a game changer.  They are designed to give quadriplegics and individuals with physical disabilities the ability to control their surroundings.  Standard features include the ability to turn the television on and off, change channels, turn lights and fans on and off, control the bed, and more.


When it comes to quadriplegic assistive technologies, the speech generating device is one that tops on the list. The speech generating device has full Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) capabilities and allows individuals who are unable to speak to have a voice.

Caregiver Comfort

Quadriplegic assistive technologies such as the speech generating device and environmental control units for disabled individuals give caregivers comfort and confidence in knowing that their loved one has the ability to complete certain tasks on their own and offers comfort should they have to leave them alone for a few minutes.

Accessibility Services, Inc. recognizes that most quadriplegics need both a speech generating device and custom environmental control unit.  That is why we developed the autonoME.  The autonoME is a speech generating device and custom environmental control unit integrated into one single package.  The autonoME also runs Windows 10 so the user has full computing and internet capabilities as well.  Best of all, the autonoME’s different input methods including voice, touch, sip and puff, eye gaze and head tracking allow users with different stages of disability to use the device.

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