The autonoME in Action

Robert Oxford, a quadriplegic, finds independence through his autonoME environmental control unit (ECU). The autonoME allows Robert to manage and completely control his bed, lights, front door and even his satellite television box. He can also surf the Internet, send e-mail and play computer games. Robert’s wife Carol finds the autonoME offers her benefits as well. For instance, if Carol is working on a project and Robert wants to watch television, he can direct his wheelchair to the living room, turn on the television, adjust the volume and change the channels without needing her assistance. The autonoME ECU promotes independence for the user while helping ease stress on caregivers.

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The autonoME is an environmental control unit that provides

independence to people that have recently lost it due to paralysis.

Our company motto is startat the customer and work backwards.

We try to figure out what the customer'sneeds are and go from there.

So it's very versatile to different

disabilities and can fit a lotof different people's needs.

Well, I worked in aviation electronics

for 10 years and then I joined military and broke my neck when I wasin training and now I'm in a wheelchair.

I chose the autonoME becauseI can turn on the lights.

I can answer the phoneand with the satellite box I have

I can record.

I have a door opener.

It's great.

It gives him a real good

feeling of independence. It's important.

He loves to be able to turnon the lights and turn off the lights.

And that kind of stuff. To most people it doesn't mean anything. To a quadriplegic

that can't move anythingbut his neck and head

it is immensely, immensely important.

One of the things I like aboutthe autonoME device compared to the old ECUs, with the old ECUs you talked into a microphone and you get audio feedback.

you don't actually see anything.With the autonoME tablet

I can see what I'm doing.

I definitely recommend the autonoME to others.

It's great.I love it.