Grid 3 Software – The Gold Standard in Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Grid 3 version 3.0.20 was released earlier this month.  If you have not yet updated your software, here are some features you can look forward to in the latest version:

Updated Web Browser

The updated browser is more compatible with sites such as Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp.

Creating Activities

The latest Grid 3 version features updated Activation order and Single activation commands for creating activities.

Enhanced e-Mail Commands

The e-mail grids feature new commands, including “Forward”, “Reply to Sender” and “Reply to All”.

Battery Meter

Monitor your batteries with the new live cell, which supports multiple batteries and displays your battery percentage in real time.

New Z-Wave Option

You can now use Z-wave with a family hub thanks to the Receive configuration option.

Sleep Screen

The enhanced sleep setting allows you to turn the screen off manually, dim the screen, and turn it off when not being used.

The latest Grid 3 version also addresses a few bug fixes.  Have you downloaded it, yet?  If so, let us know. We would love to hear your feedback!