Grid 3 Software UpdateIf you haven’t already done so, you can now update your Grid 3 software to version 3.0.33.  Check it out:

Added Features and Fixes:

  • “Export grid set” option allows users to share grid sets while in Edit mode, making sharing easier and more convenient
  • New “Set home grid” command for creating cells that change the home grid (ideal for grid designers and users who desire the ability to switch between different versions)
  • New “Improve calibration” command for EyeTech eye gaze cameras
  • Grid 3 will now show an alert if the EyeTech eye gaze camera needs updating and will automatically update it
  • New option for computer control that moves the pointer ‘live’ as you look at the screen, then dwells to click
  • Access options have been renamed to better explain their function
  • New option to remove users
  • Updated Grid for iPad menu making it easy to find and explore options
  • Ability to share grid sets to Online Grids using Grid for iPad
  • The Hebrew grid sets Hakol Kalul, Efshar Lomar and Siman Kriaa (excluding PCS symbols) are now available in Grid for iPad with an in-app purchase
  • Blank word list cells no longer fill with a repeated phrase
  • Audio feedback now consistently speaks the correct words on write cells with the grammar set to verb
  • Changes now consistently save saved when removing multiple cell symbols in and leaving editing mode
  • Grid set now always shows all symbols for a given library
  • Commands to change computer control dwell click time have been improved
  • Fixed Grid for iPad voices that stuttered and stopped speaking
  • Improved backing up a user function on Grid for iPad.