We are honored to be considered a premier provider of ECU technology. We thank our clients for their confidence in ASI!

I would like express my sincere appreciation for the services and products your firm provided to not only assist my independence within the home, but more importantly allow me the ability to re-enter the workforce. The Environmental Control Unit serves as my personal computer and I also use it to operate certain functions while at home. Having the option of controlling my computer through the use of infrared, (head motion) voice, or sip & puff, is essential as certain tasks require different input methods. The automatic door opener your company installed over two years ago, provides me the freedom to come and go as I please. The totally hands-free Bluetooth allows me the safety of placing an emergency call if ever in need, along with providing a constant form of contact.

The quick and efficient installation phase was flawless and during your employee’s presence in my home, my family and I were always treated with courtesy and professionalism. My many questions were answered without hesitation and were clearly explained.

It is without hesitation that I personally recommend the services of Accessibility Services, Inc. and am available for further comment pertaining to my experiences with this company.