Memorial Day – A Time to Honor and Remember
COVID-19 closings, restrictions and stay-at-home orders have resulted in “cabin fever” throughout the country.  As states slowly open back up in an attempt to return to normal, many people now have an even greater appreciation for the everyday activities that we all once took for granted.

The freedoms we enjoy and missed so much during COVID-19 restrictions were secured for us generations ago by the brave men and women who selflessly fought for them. Today, our military continues to fight to ensure we all can enjoy freedoms that many others throughout the world cannot.  Everyone who has ever served in the United States military volunteered to make personal sacrifices for our freedoms.  Some even made the ultimate sacrifice.

Memorial Day is a federal holiday set aside to honor and mourn all U.S. military personnel who made the ultimate sacrifice and died serving our country.  It is a day to remember them and remind ourselves that our freedoms never were and never will be free.

Accessibility Services, Inc. proudly salutes the brave men and women who chose to lay their lives down to secure our freedoms. Thank you to all of the soldiers, sailors, enlisted and officers who made the ultimate sacrifice. This day is set aside for you.  May you rest in eternal peace.