Identifying Medical Scams Associated with Chronic Illnesses and Quadriplegia

(part two)

We are continuing our series on identifying scams associated with chronic illnesses and quadriplegia.  Quadriplegics and individuals with progressive diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis are sometimes targets for unscrupulous individuals hoping to make a quick “buck.”  Our previous article touched on red flags such as promises of a quick fix or cure, money back guarantees and products/medications that are not backed by medical facts.  Today we will look at three more signs that indicate a possibility of a scam:

Scientific Breakthrough

Any product, pill or service that touts a “scientific breakthrough” should be thoroughly researched as this is terminology that is commonly used in scams.  If you are considering purchasing a product that mentions this terminology, be sure to run it by your physician first.

Miraculous Results

“Secret”, “Miracle” and “Breakthrough” are also examples of red flag terminology.  Be aware of any product, pill or service that uses these terms in advertising and promotions.

Cures Multiple Diseases

Beware of any product, pill or service that claims to cure multiple unrelated diseases.  When a true cure for a disease such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or multiple sclerosis is discovered, your doctor will know about it.

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