Grid 3 Software UpdateThere is a new Grid 3 software update as well as some updated versions of Text Talker and Super Core.

Grid version 3.0.34 is available in Early Access with the following features:

  • All Acapela, CereProc and Nuance voices that are available in Grid 3 and Grid for iPad are now included
  • PCS symbols are now available in Grid 3 and Grid for iPad, allowing access to the standard symbol libraries from Widgit, SymbolStix and PCS
  • A new “Find word” feature to assist with finding words within grid sets. Also allows user to hide and reveal words from vocabulary.
  • Ability to turn on “Fast typing” for a quicker dwell speed on the keyboard when using eye gaze or a pointer. Fast typing also won’t affect the other cells in the grid set, helping to avoid accidental selections.
  • “Fast typing on cell” command to add a short dwell to other cells.
  • New “pause” for eye gaze or a head pointer with dwell users when jumping to a new grid. This short delay is designed to give users time to familiarize themselves with the new grid before dwell starts to kick in, while minimizing accidental selections
  • New, simpler eye gaze settings make it easier to find and adjust Activation, Calibration, Camera and Computer control settings
  • Symbols were sometimes not saved when editing a Write cell – this has been resolved.
  • Alea eye gaze cameras would remain active, even when it couldn’t see your eyes – this has been resolved.
  • Videos no longer play in the incorrect orientation
  • The Copy command is now fully functional in the Grid 3 web browser
  • Grid for iPad could not always connect to the App Store when renewing subscriptions – this has been resolved
  • Remote editing is now possible during the 30-day Grid for iPad free trial

In addition, there are new, updated versions of some grid sets.  Be sure to re-add these grid sets to access the latest features.
Text Talker

  • Text Talker now lets users choose between QWERTY and ABC keyboards from the settings screen within the grid set
  • Users can turn Fast typing on and off directly from the Settings grid
  • The new Message banking options enable users to record messages straight into Text Talker

Super Core

  • Super Core is now available in PCS (UK English), SymbolStix (US) and Widgit (UK and US English)]
  • The new Find word feature has now been built-in to Super Core. When you go to the keyboard grid and type your word, Super Core will then show you where to find the word