Grid 3 Software UpdateGrid 3 software’s latest updates include a number of added features and improvements.
Here’s a rundown of what’s new:
Update 3.0.31

  • Added option to change the color of a cell when a word list is selected; this is especially useful for grid sets with multiple word lists on the page.
  • Smart grammar improvements make it easier to form questions
  • Support for the smaller RF-only version of the BJ Control transmitter
  • Improved purchase history screen
  • Copy and delete buttons no longer remain grayed out when editing
  • Grid set images and sounds no longer disappear or become shuffled after editing a grid set
  • Repeat command doesn’t repeat when set to infinite
  • Individual words can now by symbolized when turning off same as cell label
  • Pointer and touch only cells improvements
  • Ignore repeated press settings now function when the presses are on different switches
  • Accidental press settings are no longer ignored for Switch Commands


  • New “Forward” command allows SMS users to copy message and send it to a new recipient
  • Gewa Environment Control is easier to set up and transmit several codes in a row
  • New Switch presses settings allow users to choose to accept switch on press rather than release.
  • New “Show only when available” command hides a cell if that particular feature is not configured or available on the device. Users can also choose cells they want to hide.
  • Online Grids allows users to add grid sets created in The Grid 2 to Grid for iPad
  • New back-up and restore feature in Grid for iPad settings
  • Ability to grid sets into Grid for iPad from other apps such as Dropbox or email
  • Arabic language support
  • Scanning no longer continues after releasing the switch
  • Alea eye gaze software no longer causes touch screen issues
  • Word list items now always save when using “Add to word list” command
  • Grid sets no longer temporarily lose their thumbnails
  • Removing a word list items using the search filter no longer causes Grid for iPad to crash
  • Now able to add new pronunciations