Grid 3 Software UpdateGrid version 3.0.35 can be accessed in Early Access and will be available for all Grid 3 software users soon. Improvements include:

  • Grid set demo period such as PODD will start without having to run License Manager
  • Dwell activation methods with ‘repeat activation on same cell’ no longer turns off and allows repeat activations when you follow a jump into a different grid
  • Remote support features improved capture Partner ID and Password capabilities
  • Joystick scanning no longer resets when there are prediction cells in the grid
  • Grid 3 software no longer occasionally crashes when trying to print large grid sets such as PODD, WordPower or Super Core
  • ‘Set volume’ and ‘Set brightness’ commands now change color when selected.

Option to choose whether the cell is highlighted when ‘Set volume’ and ‘Set brightness’ are turned on.