Grid 3 Software UpdateGrid 3.0.32 Available in Early Access

The latest Grid 3 software update is available in Early Access and will be available soon to everyone.

New features include:

  • “Forward” command for SMS users
  • Significant improvements to Gewa Environment Control
  • Improved corner access as zoom to click now zooms in off the edges of the screen
  • New switch allows you to choose to accept your switch on press rather than release.
  • “Accept on switch press” features a more natural feel and is now the default setting for new switch users
  • “Show only when available” – this command hides a cell if not configured or available on your device. For example, if you do not use eye gaze, you can choose to hide eye gaze cells.
  • Online Grids features the ability to add grid sets created in The Grid 2 to Grid for iPad
  • Grid for iPad settings feature new back-up and restore settings
  • Ability to import grid sets into Grid for iPad from other apps such as Dropbox or email.
  • Language support for Arabic

Fixes include:

  • Scanning does not continue after releasing switch
  • Alea eye gaze software no longer sometimes interferes with touch screen in Grid 3
  • Word list items now always save when using the “Add to word list” command
  • Grid sets no longer temporarily lose their thumbnails
  • Grid for iPad won’t crash when removing a word list items using the search filter
  • Able to add new pronunciations

Content updates include:

  • PCS symbols are now available in Super Core
  • Grammar for vocabulary improvement in People, Jobs, Family, Friends and School grids
  • Widget symbol for “go” has been updated

Note: If you are using Super Core, you will need to re-add the grid set to get the latest Super Core features (version 1.3) once you update your Grid 3 software.