Grid 3 Software UpdateGrid 3.0.25 is now live!

The latest Grid 3 software update brings enhanced features and performance to Grid Pad’s and the autonoMe (environmental control unit / speech generating device).  Version 3.0.25 is now live and ready for download.  Some features include:

  1. Easier sign-up process to create a new user
  2. Both standard users and the primary user can sign into Dropbox
  3. Suggest commands no longer jump from self-closing grids
  4. Improved sorting when printing grids

Bug fixes include:

  1. Windows no longer jumps erratically on touch devices when scrolling past limit
  2. Enhanced Easywave stability
  3. Radar mouse is now more visible
  4. Calibration for eye gaze has been enhanced
  5. Camera cell no longer freezes when transitioning to another grid with a camera cell
  6. The Speak now works when followed by Clear
  7. The close window button is now visible when calibrating with black background color