Grid 3 Software – The Gold Standard in Augmentative and Alternative CommunicationHere is a sneak peek of the Grid 3.0.39. The newest Grid 3 software update which will be available soon is now in Early Access.

  • Record messages directly in Grid 3 via the new “record message” command for Message banking.
  • Grid 3 software will now support the Irisbond Duo eye gaze camera with this update.


  • Message banking recordings are now assigned to the top-level messages category by default.
  • Writing area no longer temporarily freezes when Chat History messages are chosen in quick succession
  • The Change camera toggle cell now changes color
  • Auto-replace no longer incorrectly triggers the “Speak whilst typing sentence” command
  • Write time and write date commands now add a space after the time / date in the writing area
  • Selecting change label twice no longer deletes text